…or how to survive the Easter Holidays with your bank balance and sanity intact.

Let’s face it, if you have kids then school holidays can be a nightmare, especially if you have young children. We suspect somebody may already have worked out an equation showing that number and age of your children is directly linked to the amount of stress caused – culminating in an upward curve showing the exact depletion on your bank account.

The good news though, is that there are loads of things you can do in the Easter Holidays that are very cost effective. We’ve uploaded loads of events to the website that are either low-cost or free (as well as a few that are slightly more expensive if you want to splash out).

The idea with this feature is to both highlight the large number of Easter-themed events on the site, as well as some other options that you might not have considered. Ultimately, the idea is to help keep little ones entertained, and you clinging desperately to your sanity. The links following location names are links to all their events listed on The Basis Online. And all of the following are events that are running throughout the Easter holiday – so from now until Easter Monday on the 22nd.

If you’re not a member, then it’s definitely something worth considering. There are a large number of National Trust properties scattered across Somerset, and they regularly host family events in the holidays – which are usually free to members.

Here’s a list of the National Trust properties we have events for on the site, as well as a link to the events themselves…
Montacute (here)
Stourhead (here)
Lytes Cary (here)
Fyne Court (here)
Barrington Court (here)
Dunster Castle (here)

There’s also Hestercombe, which is run as an independent charity, and has a range of Easter events, including Easter Afternoon Tea from April 6-22, an Easter Egg Hunt from April 6-22 and other one-day events (here).

There are also plenty of events at museums around the county – and most of them are free, too (or free with a small admittance charge). Again, click on the links to find out more…
Shoe Museum (here)
The Rural Life Museum (here)
Haynes Motor Museum (here)
Radstock Museum (here)

So now we turn to larger places that are hosting Easter events. They may have an entrance charge but they’re usually a great family day out…
The Bishop’s Palace (here)
Cheddar Gorge (here)
Glastonbury Abbey (here)
Wells Cathedral (here)

If you take the kids to a multiplex then you’re looking at the best part of £40 before you even consider the loan you’ll need to take out to equip them all with snacks and drinks. Luckily there are a good number of smaller, independent cinemas that are showing the same films as the chains, but at a fraction of the price…
Wells Film Centre (here)
Westway Cinema – Frome (here)
The Ritz Cinema – Burnham-on-Sea (here)
The Roxy – Axbridge (here)
Scott Cinemas – Bridgwater (here)

M&M (here) and Compass Wellbeing (here) are two fantastic companies that have a wide range of brilliant events going on over the Easter holidays, and best of all, they’re all very reasonably priced. Similarly, there’s some brilliant events happening at the Welsh Mill Hub in Frome (here), the YEAST Scrapstore in Glastonbury (here), and the YMCA in Taunton (here).

Libraries are a fantastic source of free local events. Almost every library in the county has something going on throughout the weeks – from Rhyme Time toddler sessions to Lego Clubs, Computer Progamming and Storytelling. It would take up way too much space here to list everything, but there’s a great website here that lists all the libraries in Somerset. Click on the library you want more information on, then click on Events on the right side of the page.

Spring is a fantastic time for nature, and there are a number of places in Somerset hosting fantastic nature-related things to do for Easter. These include…
Drayton Woods (here)
Yeovil Country Park (here)
Carymoor Environmental Trust (here)
Secret World Wildlife Rescue (here)
Ham Hill Country Park (here)

Markets, Fairs and Parties – all with an Easter theme…
Pilton Easter Trail – April 13 (here)
Assembly Rooms Easter Party, Frome – April 14 (here)
Pyle Farm County Market: Bunnies & Eggs – April 14 (here)
Wells Football Club Easter Party – April 14 (here)
Westlands Easter Crafts Fair – April 14 (here)
Easter Family Fun Day, Junction 24 – April 19 (here)
Easter Bunny Trail at Rookery Farm – April 20 (here)
Orchard Shopping Centre, Taunton – April 20 (here)
Mells Daffodil Festival – April 22 (here)

Wherever possible, we’ve tried to include all the events from all of the locations. There are some instances though, where we would recommend checking out the locations website or Facebook page as well, as there may be additional or new events listed there.