The Wurzels Christmas Party

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About this event:

Created by Dean Mortlock

Blake Hall, Bridgwater

Formed in 1966 by Adge Cutler, the Bard of Avonmouth, this bunch of haystack-headed, cider-soaked and dung-booted, not-quite-so-young Avonside lads play good-time traditional Zummerzet Scrumpy ‘n’ Western music.

The band has had considerable commercial success, from their 1967 anthem Drink Up Thy Zider, to the heights of the chart-topping Combine Harvester in 1976. The Wurzels continue to play over 100 shows a year to sell-out crowds all over the country, with regular festival appearances at Bestival, Guilfest, Finsbury Park and Glastonbury.

December 14 / 7.30pm