Family Day – Dinosaurs & Unicorns!

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About this event:

Created by Dean Mortlock

East Somerset Railway, Cranmore

If kids come dressed up as a roaring dinosaur or magical unicorn they get a free ice-cream! (If you are unable to dress up, then we accept a super impression of a dinosaur or unicorn.)

Kids, it’s time to rooooooar and walk like a dinosaur! Whether it’s a gigantic T-Rex, quick Velociraptor or flying Pterodactyl, we are ready to be scared by your monster moves. If you prefer something more magical then why not be a unicorn? With flowing mane and galloping hooves, we would love to be caught under your mythical spell.

To add to your fun, you will be able to ride the steam train as many times as you like, look around our Engine Shed and Workshop, visit our shop, before putting your feet up for a bite in the Whistlestop Cafe. Phew!

CRANMORE – East Somerset Railway
June 29
£10 (Adult) / £8 (Children)