Hormonal Housewives at McMillan Theatre

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About this event:

Created by Dean Mortlock

McMillan Theatre Bridgwater

Join Vicki Michelle and the Hormonal Housewives as they blast their witty way through a catalogue of women’s bits: weight gain, weight loss, mood swings, moody teenagers, men, zumba, therapy, housework, homework, electrolysis, men, sex, working out, staying in, going out, bikini waxes, celebrity gossip, eating, not eating, chocolate, wine, more chocolate, social media, more wine, and all the other joys of being a 21st century woman!

No subject is taboo for these girls and no thought is too private as the challenges of modern womanhood are sliced, diced and put to rights. And that’s not all – audiences will be treated to some of the very best bits from the previous tour of this smash-hit show.

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BRIDGWATER – McMillan Theatre
May 23 / 7.30pm