A Castle at War at Dunster Castle

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About this event:

Created by Dean Mortlock

Dunster Castle, Minehead

Travel through time and see what it was like to prepare for war from the medieval period right through to World War Two.

Medieval Knight School
25 – 27 May
Try the kids trebuchet and seize the chance to be trained as a knight by St George himself. Mount a hobby horse to join the joust and play a heraldry based game of twister.

Civil War Training
28 – 30 May
Roundhead or Cavalier? Learn more about this turbulent period in British history, perfect your pike drill and learn how to fire a cannon.

Second World War Assault Course
31 May – 2 June
Be put through your paces on a Second World War army assault course and stand to attention with helmets and rifles. Next you will learn how to throw a grenade surrounded by authentic wartime battle sounds. Can you make it to the end?

For further information, go to the National Trust website by clicking here

MINEHEAD – Dunster Castle
May 25-2 June / 11am-4pm
Normal admission charges apply