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About this event:

Created by Dean Mortlock

Jubilee Hall, Ditcheat

Stepping Out has been delighting audiences around the world for more than 30 years, and recently returned to London’s West End.

Set in a dingy church hall where Mavis Turner runs her weekly tap dance class. In her younger days she had been in the chorus of a couple of West End musicals but philosophically accepts that those days are past.  She is assisted by the sour and cynical Mrs Fraser who plays the piano for the class.

Learning to tap are Maxine, a local shop owner selling cheap clothes and who can’t pass up on the chance to sell leotards to the other class members. Sylvia, short and bubbly, is always chewing gum. She’s not a good dancer but doesn’t care. Dorothy, a timid character who lacks any confidence, always dances with exaggerated movements. Andy uses the class as an escape from her abusive husband. Young Lynne works as a junior nurse at the local hospital. Then there is busybody Vera who drives everyone up the wall. She has a talent for saying the exactly the wrong thing at the just the wrong moment. Lastly there is meek and mild Geoffrey, middle aged and the only man in the class!

The class accepts an invitation to be in a local charity show.  We follow them as they struggle to get up to a standard needed to perform in public.

Brilliantly written by Richard Harris (he also wrote Outside Edge) this play is guaranteed to make you chuckle and go home happy.

For more information on the Ditcheat Players, head here – and pop along here to book your tickets.

DITCHEAT – Jubilee Hall
May 16-18 / 7.30pm