Street Theatre Presents: Dangerous Corner

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About this event:

Created by Dean Mortlock

Strode Theatre, Street

Street Theatre’s 2004 production of J.B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls was the most popular drama ever presented on the Strode stage. We’re now delighted to present Dangerous Corner, the first of Priestley’s suspense dramas to explore the concept of a time shift, which has resulted in the play’s continuing success on stage.

It’s 1932, and a group of friends are spending the evening at the well-to-do Caplan’s house. An unexpected and devastating twist in their conversation leads to the incredible truth about a murdered man, ultimately showing them up for the rotters that they are.

STREET – Strode Theatre
March 21-23 / 7.30pm
£14 / £12 (Concessions)