Mad Hatter’s G&T Party

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About this event:

Created by Dean Mortlock

Red Brick Building, Glastonbury

What better way to celebrate the start of spring, this most wonderful of seasons, than a completely mad party at the Bocabar, The Red Brick Building?

The Mad Hatter’s G&T Party takes place at the aforementioned Bocabar, The Red Brick Building on Saturday, March 30 and will feature music from the brilliant Fromage eu Feu (the Frenchiest and fieriest Gypsy band around) who will be ably supported by DJ Mr Fantastic – who, thankfully, more than lives up to his name.

The dress code is suitably bonkers, with suggestions ranging from top hats right through to bunny ears. In the ideal world, we’re talking the sillier the merrier!

There will be a full G&T bar with an extensive menu of 27 different gins to try, as well as a G&T Tea-Pot Tasting Saloon.

Tickets cost just £8 in advance (or £10 in advance with 1 G&T) or £12 on the door.

GLASTONBURY – Bocabar/Red Brick Building
March 30
£8-£10 (In Advance) / £12 (On the Door)