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About this event:

Created by Dean Mortlock

The Bishops Palace, Wells
This is a 2-day introduction to photography and a great chance to get to know your camera. The course is designed to help you understand and control your camera to take the best photos you can. You will also learn about composition and creativity in the magnificent setting of The Bishop’s Palace Gardens.
As much time as possible will be spent taking photos outdoors, learning as you shoot. During breaks you will review photos in the classroom. The first day will build the foundations of better photography, allowing students to practice taking photos during the week that follows. The second day of the course will build on the foundations, developing new techniques and knowledge. There will be time at the end of both days to review students’ work and discuss what has worked and what can be improved upon.

This course is suitable for those who wish to make better use of their camera – those who are looking to improve their basic skills.


You’ll learn how to use camera settings, and work on colour, focus, aperture and shutter speed. You’ll learn how to take photos when the light isn’t optimal, and get some non-technical advice on how to improve your photography.


This day will focus on using natural light, framing photos, taking portrait shots and close-ups. You’ll also have a go at setting the camera to ‘Manual’. During the second part of the day you’ll learn about post-production – how to make your photos even better! There will be a chance to discuss your photographs with George, looking at what has worked, and why.

Course Tutor: George Chan. George has been a film-maker and photographer for over 20 years. He spent most of his career at the BBC Natural History Unit working with Sir David Attenborough, producing and directing on programmes including Planet Earth and Wild China.

Equipment needed:

You will need a digital camera with at least one lens, and memory cards

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WELLS – Bishop’s Palace
March 25-April 1 (Mondays) / 9.30am-3.30pm